baselI The use of metallocene mPP MetoceneX 50089 has the transparency of random copolymers and the hardness and processing characteristics of conventional PP homopolymers; the trade name MetoceneX50081 has transparency comparable to that of PS and has better tensile strength than PS. For thin-walled products; trade name MetoceneX50109 high flow homopolymer [MFR60 g/(10min)] has higher rigidity and transparency than ordinary high-flow PP; trade name MetoceneX50210 products have outstanding oxygen barrier properties, transparency, Similar to regular random PP, it can be used to make packaging containers for long-term storage of substances.

Reprinted from: "Plastic Industry"

Foil Wrapping Machine

Foil Wrapping Machine is used for packing round or olive shape chocolate and candies. It is automatically feeding. It has good structure with esthetic style, high efficiency can help to asve cost, maintenance is easily.
It main parts use import precision cam indexing unit to make sure excellent packing.Foil wrapping machineuses brand-quality servo motor, equipped with PLC and touch screen, no empty packing.


It is installed with overweight alarm system,creepage protection system and null-film alarm system to make sure safety operation.
The parts touch with food uses stainless steel which up to be healty standards, the surface is smoothly and easy for cleaning.

Foil Wrapping Machine

Foil Wrapping Machine, Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

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