(II) Loss of printed box

1 increase the amount of loss

When the carton is in production, such as press testing, accidents, etc., it will inevitably add a certain amount of additive processing. For example: customers order 7,000 cartons, cardboard, which is 0 plus cardboard.

Formula definition: schedule plus quantity x carton unit area Example: schedule plus quantity 10 cartons Unit area 1.5 square meters plus square meters = 10 x 1.5--15 square meters Causes: There are many reasons, for example: Printing presses lose large packing losses.

Improvement measures: This item should belong to the printing box department's performance loss and improve the operating level.

2 rolling edge loss

- Loss, so when the order is scheduled to go in the corrugated machine to go 1010 press operator operation level is not high, the latter part can be used as an assessment indicator for the department, to promote the production of the carton, the flat mill Or the part of the paperboard that is rolled off by the mill is the edge loss.

Formula definition: (Paper preparation area - area after rolling) x Number of stockpiles for example: Paper stock area 1.5 square meters Area after rolling 7.4 square meters Storage quantity 100 rolling loss area: (1.5-1 .4) x 100 = 10 m2 Cause: Normal loss, but the number should be analyzed.

3 full trimming loss

Some cartons require no edge leakage. To ensure quality, a certain area (such as an increase of 20mm) is added around the circumference of the original carton to ensure that the rolled carton does not leak out. The increased 20mm is required. In part, it is full-size trimming loss.

Formula definition: (Paper preparation area - actual carton area) x Storage quantity Example: Paper stock area 1.5 square meters Actual carton area 1.4 square meters Storage quantity 100 Full-size trimming loss area: (7.5-1 .4) x100 = 10 m2 Cause: Normal loss, but the number should be analyzed and the reason should be improved.

The significance of subdividing the above losses is to let managers know whether the various losses are reasonable, whether there is room for improvement and what needs to be improved (for example, excessive consumption of ultra products may require review of the accuracy of single-machine paddles, Excessive tabbing loss may require reviewing the rationality of base paper backup, etc., in order to achieve control and reduce losses, reduce costs, and improve product competitiveness. The benefit of subdividing the loss lies in the ability to distinguish the responsibilities of various departments, avoiding mutual adjudication among departments and problems, and knowing where the problems lie in the end, and can formulate assessment indicators for various departments based on various kinds of losses, and reward good and bad. Improve the enthusiasm of all departments to reduce losses.

(Author/Cui Lei Yong Feng Yu Paper (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.)

Source of information "Corrugated carton" 2005, 9

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