This is a food package made from a protein-, fat-, and starch-based material that can be digested without affecting the flavor of the packaged food. After the packaging function is completed, the packaged product can be eaten or used as animal feed, which can save resources without causing environmental pollution.

The cereal film developed by the University of Clemson, USA, uses corn, soybean and wheat as raw materials to extract the plant protein and process it into a thin film. It can not only keep moisture, but also has good moisture-proof and oxygen-reducing ability. It also has certain antibacterial properties. Sex, suitable for sausages and other food packaging, after use for poultry consumption, or as fertilizer.

The American Bureau of Agricultural Research combined chitosan extracted from shellfish with lauric acid with 12 carbon atoms to produce an edible film. This transparent film can be used for packaging of peeled or sliced ​​fruits, with a thickness of 0.2-0.3mm, which not only can achieve the purpose of preservation, but also is not easily perceived by consumers and can be eaten together with fruits.

In Japan, following the development of edible rice paper, people have used decapsulated chitosan extracted from shellfish to make an edible wrapping paper that can be used to package instant noodles, seasonings, etc. Cook directly in the hot pot, do not have to remove the bag.

Bag/Pouch is made of 100% microfiber. The inner surface of the Microfiber Bag is soft so that glasses can not be scratch. It is very convenient and lightweight, you can take it anywhere anytime.Use the microfiber bag , your glasses can be safely protected. Due to the inner part of the microfiber bag opening with a free pulling rope.


1. ECO-friendly 
    Microfiber bag is a very economical ,environmentally and safe product.
2. Widely Application 
    Protect glasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, camera lens, mobile phone, jewelry without 
3. Promotional 
    Microfiber bag printed logo ,can be a great promotional gifts.
4. Easy Care
    Microfiber Bag can be washed and re-used .

Detailed description :

(single drawstring/double drawstring)


A. 80%polyester&20%polyamide

B. 70%polyester&30%polyamide,

C. 75%polyester&25%polyamide,

D. 100%polyester



Mobile Phone Bag, Packing Bag for Watches, Tablet Pc Bag, Eyewear Bag

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