Based on the production of the original small offset press, Shandong Weifang Huaguang Precision Industry Group Co., Ltd. implements a strategic decision with a high starting point and high standards, and conducts international cooperation with the giant KBA-GRAFITEC company, which is the giant of offset press production in Germany. KBA Company transferred the technical data of product technical drawings, component processing technology, assembly process and equipment, etc. to Huaguang Precision and authorized its exclusive use. The HG-Porformer66 offset press has been successfully brought to market with the joint efforts of both parties.

HG-Porformer66 Offset Press has the characteristics of high quality, good performance, high production efficiency and comfortable operation. It is welcomed by people in the industry. With the advent of two-color machines, five-color machines and other products, the HG-Proformer66 offset press will be a series of products to meet the needs of different customers and add luster to the domestic commercial short-run color printing market.

Source: China Printing and Equipment Equipment Industry Association

helmet ,protective,color box ,pvc bag,PVC wheel ,PU wheel,bearing


helmet,protective,color box ,pvc bag,wheel,bearing

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