Patent name: Manual wireless binding machine Patent No. 03276174.0 Publication No.: 2652662
Application Date: 2003.07.16 Public Day: 2004.11.03
Applicant: He Bengen A manual wireless glue machine involves an improved structure of a manual wireless glue mounter. Its main technical features are the addition of a notching mechanism at the front of the gluing device and under the page clamp. It is composed of a helical gear, a gearbox, and a cutterhead. The helical gear is connected to the rack of the page clamper and passes through the drive shaft. Connected to a variable speed gearbox, the variable speed gearbox is connected to the cutterhead. In the utility model, the depth of the slot notch with a spacing of 12 mm and a depth of 0-1.5 mm can be evenly cut on the adhesive surface, and the depth can be adjusted. When glueing, the glue can penetrate into the groove smoothly so as to achieve the effect of not dropping pages.

A living room is meant to provide a comfortable, inviting area for your friends and family. It should fit your guests and also suit your style.

Living Room Furniture includes sofa, coffee tables, TV stands, etc. 

How to Choose Living Room Furniture for Your Home

1) Determine Your Furniture Needs
2) Consider Furniture Style
3) Consider Storage
4) Incorporate Tables
5) Add the Finishing Decor

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Living Room Furniture

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