The grapple hurricane product parameters are as follows:
Brand: Muggao Model: Hurricane Origin: China Size: (70+120+70)×210cm (Length×Width)
Packing size: 40×14×14cm
Weight: 2.4kg
Accounts: 210T waterproof coating PU2000MM polyester, waterproof stickers within the account: 210T breathable polyester mesh: high-density precision nylon mesh account: 210T waterproof coating PU3000MM polyester, waterproof stickers strut: two rod aviation aluminum stent Color: Yellow Applicable Type: Camping tent manufacturer's products Picture:

Picked a good weather to come outdoors, ready to build a hurricane for trial.
Before setting up the tent, look at the pictures of the packaging. The relevant parameters of the tent are clearly visible at the outer package's prominent location. The outer packaging is used to compress the fasteners of the account, which facilitates the use and storage. After opening the outer packaging, he found that the account posts, account books and account books were in an orderly manner. The position of the post and the bills are separated from the outer packaging individually to facilitate the classification.

Tent on the packaging parameters

Compression fasteners on the outer packaging.

Posts and bills are placed independently in black mesh bags

The installation and installation instructions at the bundled tents of the tents greatly facilitate the initial use.

The tent has 6 poles. It seems to be a bit small, but it is basically enough to apply to the regular three-season camping account.

Next set up the internal account. In the process of setting up the internal accounts, the distinctive features of the tent were discovered.

After the internal accounts were set up, they found that the bills could not be spread anyway.
The two accounts are on the left and right sides of the tent.

There are symmetrical gauze sunroofs in front of and behind the account. There is a removable storage bag under the screen. There are three places in the net bag tent like this, on both sides of the screen and the top of the tent.
Pay attention to the curved zipper below the mesh bag, designed for the bottom ventilation window. Opening the zipper at night can speed up the flow of air inside the book, adjust the inside and outside air, and maintain the temperature balance. This design greatly increases the comfort of the tent. It is a good design.

Removable storage mesh bag at the top of the tent. The internal account and the post are designed with a hook.

Similar to this kind of storage bag, there is one on each side of the tent.

The reinforcement design of the bottom corner of the account ensures the service life.

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