(2) In the agricultural sector, the processing and heat preservation of indoor cultivation (greenhouse) and crops are created at a very low cost.

(3) Vehicle safety The vehicle rearview mirror is an important facility for the driver to observe the situation behind the vehicle to ensure the safety of the vehicle. In the cold weather in the northern regions, the rearview mirror of the car is easily condensed or atomized, thus affecting traffic safety. If a screen-printed PTC heating element is added behind the rearview mirror, this problem can be completely solved. .

(4) Ice melting and snow melting on the road can use a metal rod equipped with a PTC heating element to rapidly remove snow and ice from the front of the garage or on the road.

(5) Health care PTC medical instruments made using the functions of physical heating and far-infrared radiation can heal some of the people's ailments. This reflects the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern medical technology.

(6) The new cold-warming clothing combines PTC heating technology and clothing production technology, so that people will no longer be heavy and oversized in winter warm clothing, only a new type of temperature-controlled PTC warming clothing with far-infrared radiation function will be People who laugh at each other will no longer fear the cold.
The magical PTC heating technology has a wide range of potential applications, leaving it to people of all walks of life and all kinds of people to imagine and develop more space.

Third, the high-tech screen printing

1. Synchronization of high-tech screen printing and knowledge economy

The coming twenty-first century is the world of knowledge economy. Knowledge economy is a knowledge-led economy. Knowledge resources, as an important resource in the social economic system, have powerful power, control, and penetration for other resources in the development of modern economy. In the future society, the real or dominant resources and factors of production are neither capital nor land and general labor, but knowledge.

The theory of the knowledge economy is not a certainty for a certain person. We only have to look at the history of the Intel and Microsoft companies in the United States; we just need to take a look at Microsoft's president Bill Gates. Within a short period of time, it has accumulated 51 billion U.S. dollars in personal net assets; we can understand the power of knowledge by just taking a quick look at the rapid growth of the information industry in recent years! We can understand that in the knowledge economy world, we are engaged in screen printing. What we should do, what should be done! High-tech screen printing is the new economic growth point for screen printing in the new century. There is no doubt about this. At the end of 1998 and early 1999, several Japanese friends discussed with us people of insight to discuss the development and development of PTC heating technology in China and around the world. It is very obvious that this is an investment value. Very promising career. First of all, PTC heating technology has a huge market. It is closely related to the daily life of ordinary people. Imagine how the prospects of screen printing companies and the real estate industry (just one of the real estate industry) will jointly invest in the development of residential building heating projects. The author believes that its rich economic returns will be overwhelming.

For the high-tech screen printing, I also had personal experience. For example, in 1995, the author and several friends produced propaganda banners for a large shopping mall in Wuhan. The same is screen printing, but the printing area is slightly larger (2.5m×1.5m). ), slightly more color (three-color overprint), but the technical difficulty is absolutely not large, while the profit is several times the profits of the printing cloth at the same period, Lenovo today is very popular screen printing printing large-scale outdoor advertising, ordinary cloth label Including the propaganda banners I once printed? How can I compare them with them?!

2. High-tech screen printing is a fierce market competition

Take a look at the fierce competition in the current domestic printing market. Now in the field of printing, it is not only the traditional screen printing and offset printing competition. It is crowned by new types of computer inkjet printing, inkjet printing, electrostatic and electrostatic color copying, The sudden emergence of digital printing and other great threats to traditional printing are self-evident. In the field of printing, what are the advantages of traditional printing? For example, in the production of modern card, the advantage of screen printing and offset printing for making modern cards is much weaker than that of all-counter card cards. Screen printing and offset printing are very weak. The investment of modern card has greatly surpassed the investment of full calculator card production; while the latter is simpler and more controllable than the previous one; at present, the advantage of the lower manufacturing cost of screen printing for the production of modern cards is, Who can guarantee that one day will not be lost in the future? As long as we look at the drop in the price of calculator products in recent years, it is not difficult to imagine that this advantage of screen printing in modern card production will soon Lost in the future. We should understand that there is no eternal advantage in the world. Advantages and disadvantages are constantly changing in the movement. Because of this, the screen printing industry cannot always enjoy being in a temporary or even imaginary advantage. "My new people, new people, and my essence" are a magic weapon that companies can take advantage of over a long period of time in cruel market competition. This magic weapon is a high-tech screen printing technology in terms of screen printing in the new century. To this end, screen printing companies should strive to create the company's scientific and technological advantages, talent advantages, and only in this way, companies may show in the fierce market competition, "regardless of the wind and waves, is better than a stroll in the yard".

Source: PTC Thermistor Application Technology Network

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