Everyone often encounters problems in the publishing process, such as missing words, misplaced characters, garbled characters, and image distortions. In fact, a lot of problems can be avoided by paying a little attention to the production. Here, some problems that need to be noted in the production are put forward for your reference.

1. Many people who do typesetting know that they can't choose bold text when processing text. This can cause ghosting at the edge of the text (Chinese). If you need to use thicker text, you should use thicker lines.

2. When selecting a font, pay attention to the font that has been installed using the imagesetter. If you use the TURETYPE font that is not installed in the imagesetter, you need to select the download font. However, the OS 8.5 and OS 8.6 systems have some problems with download processing, and sometimes there are problems with throwing strokes.

3. Check the stamp before printing, Pagemaker automatically print in black, but some color, lines need to do their own; Freehand, Illustrator and other software need to set the black version of the imprint. For other colors you need to imprint in the software you need to set. In particular, it should be noted that the place where the gray check is to be checked after imprinting is not imprintable.

4.Illustrator software to do a good job directly to the publishing speed is relatively slow, sometimes the page size will change, you can save it as an EPS file into the Pagemaker publishing, faster, but the impression effect is not, so need to be based on the page The situation is selected for posting.

5. It is best not to rotate, crop, and zoom in the layout software. Rotating the image in the typesetting software will increase the amount of calculation of the layout and increase the time of the layout. In the typesetting software, the image display is coarse, and the cropping and reducing images are inaccurate, and such cutting and reducing methods Without reducing the amount of information in the image, it is not possible to shorten the publishing time; in the typesetting software, enlarging the image affects the image quality. Therefore, it is best to complete the rotation, cutting and scaling of the image in the scanning and image processing software.

6. During the typesetting process, especially when mixing Chinese and English, be careful not to use full lines and forced lines. This is because the page is often aligned on the screen, but the actual output is not Complete this function.

7. Some RIPs will have a noticeable jump when processing a 100%-0% transition from the Pagemaker 6.5 software. Adding noise to gradient images in Photoshop solves this problem.

8. Some RIPs will make mistakes when dealing with a large amount of information TIFF maps issued by the imposition software. Therefore, it is better to store the images with a large amount of information in the EPS format and then put them into the distribution.

9. When using the PC platform layout software to distribute, try to avoid the use of downloaded fonts to output, this situation has a high probability of problems, there will often be garbled, should be installed on the PC platform and RIP at the same time the same font.

10. Output When using WORD software to create a page on a PC platform, it should be noted that the page should be a monochrome page, because the color pages produced by the WORD software are RGB mode, there will be certain problems when the output, even in the RIP points Color also often goes wrong.

The above points are some of my little experiences. Welcome friends to send some of their own prepress, printing, and post-press experience to the “Publish your experience” column in Winning.com.

Reprinted from: Shimizu

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