Shanghai Meipai Machinery Co., Ltd. (US-owned) adopts the latest mechanical manufacturing technology from the United States and introduced a high-tech packaging equipment for BHMP-5000 labeling machine. The labeler has extensive adaptability to containers and labels. Its labeling position control is accurate and reliable. To ensure the accuracy of container labeling and the appearance of the container, it is suitable for ethylene oxide containers, high-density polyethylene containers, glass containers, metal containers, paper containers, and plastic containers. The device features rapid replacement of containers and quick replacement of parts. The parts of the equipment can be replaced in only 15 to 20 minutes: the equipment is always in optimum condition. It is equipped with a computer recording system. When the length of the label needs to be changed in the production process, the length of the label can be automatically set by the computer recording system. It is an ideal labeling machine.

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